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FREE Atlanta HIPAA training reveals everything you need to know to become HIPAA Compliant and keep your practice running smoothly

We have surveyed medical practices through out Atlanta and have found several common issues jeopardizing the HIPAA compliancy of these medical practices as well as putting undo amount of stress on Practice Managers and Physicians alike. That's why our team at KapTechs has assembeled free Atlanta HIPAA Training for you and your practice.

What are some of the patterns we've seen?

Free Atlanta HIPAA Training

  • Business data and EMR/EHR data is not being backed up
  • Security breaches on servers, workstations and network infrastructure
  • Lack of efficiency in inner office communications
  • Practices websites which are outdated, poorly managed and not generating new patients.
  • Inadequate understanding of what HIPAA requires and how to audit themselves each year to ensure these regulations are being met.

Each of the above issues/patterns that we have seen across several medical practices have a significant monetary cost to the practice. Some of these issues will lead to monetary fines from Government Organizations while others lead to loss of Patient data or employee productivity. All of the above hold their own costs and some can even lead to the possibility of your practices going out of business.

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atlanta_hippa_trainingOn this FREE training, you will discover...

  • The 5 major components you will need to become HIPAA compliant
  • How you can create a more profitable practice
  • Tools we can implement for you to increase employee productivity
  • Done-For-You Solutions to becoming 100% HIPAA Compliant and keeping your practice running

Our training is totally free. Go ahead and register right now. We have free Atlanta HIPAA training available throughout the week. You can choose the one that fits your schedule best. Go ahead and click the button below to get started now!

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