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5 Things We Guarantee To All Our Healthcare IT Support Customers


    1. healthcare it supportWe GUARANTEE 1-hour response time to network emergencies. Our technicians are always standing by ready to jump on any emergency that comes their way. Our technicians are trained to prioritize different issues so that if your network or server crashes, you are escalated to a code red and given top priority. Our technicians will address and start working towards all emergency issues within 1-hour of a call or email being placed.


    1. We GUARANTEE Zero surprises in healthcare IT labor costs. Our fixed rate support plans which are customized for any business, provide you with the peace of mind that your monthly IT labor charges will remain constant and never increase in case of emergency or large projects. Outside of your monthly IT
      services fee you are only responsible for hardware and software upgrades and purchases which are planned out at your quarterly CIO meeting.


    1. We GUARANTEE Your Issues will be addresses by a Certified Technician. Before we hire our technicians they are put through various tests and interview processes to make sure they have the latest industry standard certifications. All technicians are encouraged to continue advancing their certifications until they reach the highest in their category. You will not receive support from any technician which has not started their certification tracks. You are guaranteed to be supported by the best of the best.


    1. We GUARANTEE to see all of your computer issues through until a resolution has been reached. When a call or email comes in you will be assigned a unique ticket number which you will use to track the progress of the work being done on your issues. Your ticket is monitored by our system and if it were to go untouched for more than 24 hours, it is then escalated up to management for follow up. We guarantee your ticket will not be closed without your complete satisfaction.


  1. We GUARANTEE to help steer your company through the technology landscape and to build a road map that guide your company through your IT budget. Each of our customers is assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) which is your go to person for planning and budgeting. Every quarter you will have a CIO meeting with your TAM who will plan any projects for the upcoming quarter. Our TAM’s are up to speed with your industries latest
    news, software and direction. We guarantee to be able to help steer you through all upcoming projects so that you can budget your healthcare IT Support accordingly.

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